“It is our mission to use WHIT as a tool to continuously redefine wellness, healthcare and quality of life from inside the home,” said Gloria A. Caulfield, Executive Director of the Lake Nona Institute. “We want to provide solutions that address everyday needs and empower people to be their healthiest self by easily turning intentions into positive actions in a comfortable and collaborative environment. What’s exciting is that WHIT represents the first collaborative home environment created as a living lab for all of us to continuously study and evolve the solutions. For many, this provides unprecedented opportunity to explore possible collaborations across industry and product type – entrepreneurs connecting with major international corporations connecting with academic institutions – all in an effort to transform our home into the healthy haven it should be.”

WHIT seeks to become an international model and springboard for health awareness best practices and an incubator for strategic partners to create new, sustainable products by understanding the value-added to consumers.

If your organization is interested in learning more about becoming a WHIT partner please let us know by completing the contact us form.



WHIT is proud to partner with the following health and wellness innovators:

2 American Well-BlueGrad-RGB-small.png

American Well

Founded by industry veterans Drs. Ido and Roy Schoenberg, American Well’s mission is to improve access to quality care and make it more affordable and transparent for consumers. American Well accomplishes this by using mobile and web technology to remove barriers such as distance, mobility, and time. 



Craft Homes

Craft Homes offer a unique, collaborative approach that places your vision and lifestyle at the center of the building process.  Craft homes are crafted with thought to include smart, everyday solutions designed to optimize and improve your daily life.



Dais Technologies

Dais brings next-generation technology to homes, businesses, education facilities, healthcare settings, live events, hospitality and retail venues by delivering simplified technology that's integrated and intuitive.




Delos is transforming homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design, construction, facilities and operations decisions. The STAY WELL SHOP makes it easy to bring wellness into your home.




GE Appliances, a Haier company, makes moments that matter for their owners through their passion for making great appliances and providing unparalleled services. For more than 125 years, GE Applisnces have been creating a legacy of invention - they've electrified and modernized life, bringing convenience and fun to kitchens. GE Appliances' products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems and water heaters.




GuideWell Innovation™ creates real-world health solutions for commercialization by the GuideWell companies and their partners with the single goal of rapidly accelerating health innovations that help people and communities achieve better health.  GuideWell Innovation™ adheres to the basic principles that industry sustainability requires solutions that lower cost, improve effectiveness of care and empower consumers.




The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute is the pioneer in delivering a science-based energy management training solution to achieve sustained high performance. Also known as Corporate Athlete® training, it is based on over 30 years of proprietary research and work with elite performers, including Olympic gold medallists, military Special Forces, Hostage Rescue teams, surgeons, and Fortune 500 CEOs. 




Pediatric care, committed to the health of children in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as research, education, and advocacy.




Sustainable Synergy, Inc. / Seed2Source us 'all things food and wellness.' They are a vertically integrated, sustainable, agriculture and wellness consulting firm providing services from the 'seed -to-source' including: design, development, build management, maintenance, sales, marketing and distribution of agricultural projects, local superfoods, growing systems and educational prgrams. They design sustainable garden spaces (both residential and commercial) and advanced greenhouse operations while specializing in the growing of pure, hyper-local, certified-organic, superfoods.  Utilizing a combination of advanced, innovative, proprietary growing methodologies such as aeroponics, hydroponics, permaculture, and organic soil growing, their superfood produce is backed by third-party analysis ensuring superior nutrient density.  They grow within a 100-mile radius within the Central FL region, making it 'hyper-local' and enabling them to harvest and deliver it to you witin a 24-hour period.




"Let's Move For A Better World"-Technogym offers a complete range of physical and mental health solutions designed to provide positive lifestyle changes.




UCF Health and METIL at the Institute for Simulation and Training have collaborated to produce the UCF Construct- a "blank canvas" for innovation in the WHIT Garage. The UCF Construct is the place to bring your ideas to life and test them using the Living Lab and RapiTrials methods and state-of-the-art technologies.




The Urban Cultivator Residential unit is a fully sustainable, self-automated indoor garden for your kitchen. Grow fresh and flavorful herbs and microgreens 365 days a year without any fuss thanks to the unit’s complete automation. The Urban Cultivator Residential unit is well on its way to becoming a standrd appliance in every home!




Violet Defense has developed and patented a revolutionary technology that allows Ultraviolet Light to be safely used to kill germs. The result of over 10 years of research and development, these fully automatic units are seemlessly integrated into everyday products to effectively control germs and keep you, your loved ones and your pets healthy and safe.