What is your role in WHIT?

Bringing healthy nutrition to the heart of every home with the Natufia Kitchen Garden.


What inspired you to rethink growing fruits, vegetables and herbs?

After a very successful career, our Founder Gregory retired early (at 35 y.o.!), quitting a fast-paced business life with the aim of living a more grounded life. He decided to move to a farm in Sicily with his family, but soon discovered the dark side of the food industry and came out of retirement to found Natufia. Today, consumers and restaurants struggle to source organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that they can trust. More often than not, this produce has been harvested weeks ago losing all of its nutritional value. The problem worsens with a booming population. So imagine if you could bring nature and fresh produce to the heart of every home? This is what Natufia is all about.

How does Natufia contribute to a person's health and wellbeing?

Easy access to an unlimited and healthy supply of fresh greens and vegetables should be a human right. This is the future Natufia is building.

Why did you choose to work at WHIT?

WHIT is a glimpse of tomorrow. It has always been a must for Natufia to display its technology, which demonstrates that indoor-gardening is the future.

What have you learned from your collaboration at WHIT?

WHIT is a hub of inspiration and the place to meet game-changers in the health and wellbeing space. We have learnt so much from meeting and talking to incredibly smart people from a variety of different industries.

What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year? 

We want to continue to share our vision and passion, creating a better tomorrow by bringing healthy nutrition to the heart of the home.