What is your role in WHIT?

Our team at SleepScore is proud to have created the SleepSanctuary at WHIT.


What inspired you to rethink the bedroom?

Sleep routines and consistency is essential to a good night’s sleep. Temperature, light, pillows, mattress, air quality and your general sleep environment all contribute to how well you’re likely to sleep each night. We felt that WHIT was the right model for us to showcase the perfect bedroom. It was designed with optimal sleep in mind and it’s a space that highlights evening, night and morning routines and the tested and validated products associated with each to help you sleep better than ever.

Why is sleep important to a person's health and wellbeing?

We all sleep, every day for our whole life. And during sleep, our bodies recover, our minds re-energize, and our wrinkles soften. We wake up energized, refreshed, our creativity is enhanced, and our performance improves.

Unfortunately, half the population doesn’t get the sleep they need every night and that leads to major consequences. Health risks increase, our performance, creativity and even how we look suffer and serious accidents occur.

With over 1 million sleep products on Amazon alone, how do you know which one works for you - or works at all. You could go to the drug store and buy a pill, gadget or gizmo. But which one and is relevant for your sleep issue? Maybe a mattress, pillow, noise machine, who knows? There is no simple way to determine what works, and what risks could occur.

That’s why the SleepScore Labs Sleep Sanctuary in WHIT is so important. It’s our goal to enable every person to unlock their potential by transforming how they sleep night after night – for life. At WHIT, we’re able to showcase the perfect bedroom and the products we’ve tested or validated for truly improving sleep.

Why did you choose to work at WHIT?

The idea of a home designed to utilize technology for optimizing healthy living is at the core of what SleepScore Labs is doing with sleep science. WHIT’s goal of “activating health solutions and technologies and researching their ability to measurably improve health and wellbeing” aligns with the SleepScore Labs model of

  • First measuring your sleep with the SleepScore App

  • Providing personalized, science-backed advice and product recommendations for improvement

  • Continued monitoring to ensure improvement continues

As the “Sleep Company Changing the World by Changing the Way you Sleep,” we felt WHIT was the perfect place to highlight our impact on global sleep health with the notion that great sleep starts in the bedroom.

What have you learned from your collaboration at WHIT?

WHIT and the tours we’ve conducted has allowed SleepScore Labs to show how technology and science can greatly improve sleep and help people unlock their true potential. The response from people who have experienced the SleepScore Labs Sleep Sanctuary has been extremely positive and has created discussion about how sleep can be improved without the introduction of sleep medication or products with no scientific approval. We, along with the other WHIT partners are aligned on the idea of creating a home of wellness through proven technology.

What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year?

We hope to continue showing visitors how their sleep and bedroom environment can be improved through technology and science. We look forward to the interactive website we’ve created for the bedroom that provides guests who stay in the room with a self-guided tour through all the featured products and sleep routines important for better sleep. As WHIT continues to set the international standard for wellness living, we’re excited to leverage media coverage that shows the world what’s possible for healthier living in their homes.