Lake Nona is a community of and for the future. Where it’s not about what has happened, but what is happening. Health. Wellbeing. Business. At it’s core…family.

Where better opportunities are being created for generations to come. Where aspirations and realities merge in collaborative innovation, and the only limit is your imagination.

We’re well-connected in the here and now. And we’re tackling the future before the future is even dreamed. To find out more about Lake Nona - click here.

 Lake Nona’s Mission Statement:

“To Create the Ideal Place That Inspires Human Potential Through Innovative Collaboration” 


WHIT is an initiative of The Lake Nona Institute. The Lake Nona Institute is a non-profit, community-focused organization inspiring healthy, sustainable communities of the future. Lake Nona Institute is researching and analyzing information on human, physical, and environmental elements in real-time to better understand the interaction and effects of the built environment and lifestyle behaviors on human wellbeing.