Welcome to the world's first Vera Iconica Wellness Kitchen™ conceived, designed, and developed to revolutionize kitchen design in order to bring ease and joy to nourishing your family with a nutrient-rich, whole food diet. It embodies novel approaches to food growing, storage, preparation, replenishment, and disposal, all in an environment that enhances family and social connectivity.

Select elements of the Wellness Kitchen


Natufia Hydroponic Kitchen Garden

Effortless organic gardening right in your kitchen

Fully automated system delivers nutrients and water as needed

Built in plant nursery enables year round growing

Utilizes LED lighting and sound to enhance crop yields

Why it is helpful? 

  • Provides you and your family nutrient-rich, fresh foods

  • Reduces your carbon footprint as the ultimate farm-to-table is in your own home

  • Pesticide free produce

  • Saves money by reducing food waste


Mechanical Appliance Garage

Under-counter motorized lift system for easy access to daily appliances, such as your coffee maker, toaster, mini chopper, juicer, blender, etc.

Activated by the push of a button

Why is it helpful?

  • Reduces visual clutter instantly, which eases the mind, reducing stress and anxiety

  • Convenient access to daily small appliances adds convenience to meal preparation

  • Eliminates countertop cords


GE Innovative Cooktop

Lets you plan, schedule, shop, cook and connect all with one intelligent surface

Assists with food preparation and meal planning

Syncs with your family’s schedule and fitness goals

Develops shopping lists based on menu planning ingredients

Why is it helpful?

  • Allows you to plan, schedule, shop, cook, and connect on one intelligent surface

  • The Cooktop is GE’s one and only prototype, available exclusively in Lake Nona

  • Encourages family members to assist with food preparation

  • Provides nutritional education and information

  • Alerts you to potential food allergies


Lighting Science UV Killing Lights

Keeps your countertops free of germs

Provides an extra measure of safety in your kitchen

Why is it helpful?

  • Utilizes UV germicidal lighting technology to deactivate the DNA of bacteria, virus and other pathogens on an object’s surface

  • Destroys the ability for bacteria and viruses to multiply in the kitchen

  • Programmed with a motion sensor so that you, your family and pets are not harmed

  • Reduces the need for toxic countertop surface cleaners and their related packaging waste



Smart scanning device to streamline waste management practices, such as properly sorting recycling and rubbish

Automatically adds to your online shopping cart

Why is it helpful?

  • Educates and directs whether an item is recyclable or waste

  • Smart recycling practices help reduce the number of items headed to landfills

  • Streamlines restocking by syncing with online grocers