Combining new prototypes in healthy eating, WHIT will bring to life concepts that make it easier for people to make healthy eating and active living an easier choice.

  • The Technogym in-home gym was not only thoughtfully designed to encompass a sleek design you don’t want to tuck away the garage or basement - the equipment provides the ultimate workout covering over 130+ exercises.

  • The outdoor garden features a first-to-market, hybrid, home-based tower growing system that combines aeroponic, hydroponic, and organic soil growing all in one unit for optimal superfood diversity. The combined solutions in this space can produce enough fresh produce to feed up to 4 families.

  • A wellness kitchen centered around a whole food nutrient rich diet with a space that sparks joyful rituals becoming a social activity.

  • The Connected Island from GE Appliances was designed based on healthy eating research with Lake Nona residents. It’s the future of healthy living and it’s so close, you can touch it. The Island lets you plan, schedule, shop, cook and connect all on one intelligent surface. The Island is the one and only prototype available exclusively in Lake Nona designed to explore the future of the healthy kitchen.

Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates