WHIT is a wellness home built on innovation and technology, with every detail designed to inspire and empower a healthier life. 


Simply put, WHIT is a smart home made brilliant.  It’s a wellness home built on innovation and technology, with every detail designed to inspire a healthier life. With wellness all around you, WHIT helps turn your best intentions into positive actions.  With amenities like circadian lighting, air and water purifications systems, and an interactive digital cooktop, you can sleep, breathe and eat your way to healthier life.

WHIT is a built-in health coach, educator and an innovator, bringing forward-looking health technologies that empower you to be at your best.  WHIT brings traditional healthcare delivery into the community and ultimately into your own home.  And because we learn best when we learn together, WHIT stays connected, learning and improving to better your health and others.  Both a livable space and living laboratory, WHIT harnesses how you engage your home to develop smarter solutions and reimagine the future of home health.


WHIT is an initiative of the Lake Nona Institute and seeks to become an international model and springboard for health awareness best practices as well as an incubator for strategic partners to create new, sustainable products by understanding the value-added to consumers. 


WHIT's strategic partners include:

So meet WHIT.
It’s your intelligent, healthy home.