Both a livable space and living laboratory, WHIT harnesses how you engage your home to develop smarter solutions and reimagine the future of home health. 

  • Serves as a living laboratory to test new prototypes, integration of solutions, and concepts within a community of data philanthropists willing to share their personal data
  • Integrates design and technologies to study multiple aspects of whole person health (human performance, nutrition, activity, sleep, mental health, chronic care management, health care delivery)
  • Incorporates an integrated set of health and wellness with a holistic set of solutions –including health plan, healthcare system, telemedicine company, kitchen appliance company, mHealth consortium, consumer behavioral health experts, home-based food growing systems, and wellness-oriented built environment experts
  • Includes a concept development area that will feature physical, projected, and augmented-reality combined to test the latest concepts and products
  • Utilizes a custom-designed interactive tour app to guide visitors through the home and collect important research and feedback data 

Visitors can choose from any of the following tour paths:

The Built Environment

Sleep & Stress

Nutrition & Performance

Pediatric Care

Aging in Place


Interested in Visiting WHIT?

WHIT is located in the Laureate Park neighborhood of Lake Nona, a 14-square-mile community designed around health and wellness in Orlando, Fla. Created by Tavistock Development Company, Lake Nona’s design has positive health intentions contemplated into every aspect of the master plan to promote activity, sustainability, social connection and learning.